Notions Design is run by Wayne Curtis – an industry expert with more than 40 years’ experience in advertising, marketing and design.

His ability to problem solve, guide clients to see the bigger picture and seek bespoke outcomes to support local business growth is valued by businesses all over Australia and the world. Some of his clients have been with him for more than 15 years.

Wayne is a natural communicator who believes in delivering useful, practical solutions and supports businesses from end-to-end in their brand and marketing journey.

Having the right name for your business can be critical in the recognition and growth of your business.

Our Identity Discovery sessions can help to draw out some name suggestions that reflect your goals, vision for your business and what’s important to you and your clients. We also have a stand-alone naming service which will research, create and check your business name.

Once you’ve chosen a name, however, you need to make sure it’s not already taken and then take steps to register it.

Here is the simplest way to describe the difference between brand, branding, identity and a logo:

  • Brand – The meaning that people attach to your organisation, product or service.
  • Branding – The management of a brand’s meaning.
  • Identity – The sensory elements that are used to identify a brand.
  • Logo – A mark or icon that identifies the business in its simplest form. A logo is not a brand.

So, if your brand is what your customers think of you when you’re not there, how can you change their opinion and try to influence how they feel about you? This is where your “branding” and “brand identity” come into play.
Some key elements that make up brand identity include:

  • Your logo
  • Colour palette
  • Typography style
  • Graphic elements
  • Different logo layouts and treatments
  • Corporate typefaces (primary and secondary fonts)
  • A consistent style for images and message
  • Sound, touch, smell

Remember! Your logo is not your brand or your identity. There is an entire process behind branding, and only with a good grasp of the emotional aspect and the physical aspect of your business, can you build a brand that will succeed.

The Identity Discovery session helps us (and you!) to understand your business’s identity and how it’s unique to your competitors. Here, we examine your goals, your vision, values, pain points and what you’re trying to achieve and together, we develop “ideal customer” personas.
Personas help identify who is buying from you and why, and how they feel about your company.
We may look at:

  • What do you want your clients to feel or know about you?
  • Do you know how others perceive your brand?
  • Are you using the right language to entice the right people for your product/service?
  • What motivates your customers to choose you over others?
  • Which markets are right for your business?
  • Are your customer’s needs being met with the way you market your service/product?

We use this information to develop a Brand Identity unique to your business.

This is a great service for companies just starting out or seeking to rebrand. It’s ideal for innovative companies who are looking for help to identify areas of focus for the next 12 months and beyond.

We will work with you to gather as much information about your business to ensure you get the exact product and service that’s right for your business.

By better understanding your market and your client’s needs, you can better target your marketing initiatives. Our strategies are designed to be meaningful, relevant and tailored for your business’s growth.

There are several service tiers, depending on what you’re looking for and we can tailor packages to suit your business need and your budget.

See our Packages page for more information.

Wayne has more than 40 years’ experience across advertising, marketing and design.

He uses this knowledge to help clients better understand their business, their values and goals, the market they operate in, their competitors and identify areas of disconnect between these.

Once businesses understand these aspects, Wayne helps them to develop a unique growth strategy tailored to meet their specific business goals.

This branding strategy captures the messaging, colours, fonts etc to create innovative designs to attract target audiences and drive growth.

These designs are then applied to marketing collateral such as logos, flyers, brochures, capability statements, websites, vehicle signage, banners, business cards and more.

See our Services page for more information.

Understanding your brand, your target market, your competitors and pain points, enables you to make informed choices about your marketing strategy and the designs that best capture who you are and where your business is going.

Contact us to discuss your needs further and we’ll give you a timeline.

To ensure a quality product that accurately reflects the needs of our clients, communication and collaboration is key.

I am committed to keeping my clients up-to-date with how their project is going and seek regular input/feedback to ensure the outcomes are useful and tailored to meet their specific needs.

See Our Process for more information about how we approach our work.

Throughout my 40+year career, I have been fortunate to work with creative, talented, passionate people who are experts in their fields.

I have built solid relationships with trusted suppliers across Australia. For my clients, this means I have access to a variety of quality services (printers, writers etc) and can call upon them to meet specific needs.

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