Having gone around in circles for literally years to find the right business name, the brand identity session helped Susanna to focus and find something that felt right. She needed the logo to have a professional look and a personal feel that would work across a variety of marketing collateral.


After an initial consultation and discovery session, we found the right name and developed a monogram-style logo using Susanna’s initials (SW) and those of the business name, Word Stitch (WS). We selected a font that represents true craftmanship but is also current and on trend. The icon and complete logo can be used in different formats and offers optimum flexibility.

The use of solid and tinted hues of earthy orange browns, yellows and greens were a critical part of the brief and capture Susanna’s warm personality and down-to-earth approach.

Susanna was delighted with the end result and has engaged Notions Design for help with her website.

Video Testimonial by Susanna Wolz

Susanna speaks about her experience working with Notions Design. Creating a business name and a logo that truly resonated with her vision and her target market.

Susanna Wolz Chief Content Creator